Face Mask Care: 
  • Your mask is 100% Cotton
  • There is a filter pocket to add a filter making it a 3 layered mask.  Having a different material for your third layer such as a PM2.5 filter or made from a coffee filter creates greater protection over a 3 layered fabric mask.
  • To customize your fit adjust the knots on your ear straps
  • Wash your mask after each use. 
  • Masks can be washed in your laundry with unscented soap, warm - hot water, tumble dry or hang to dry. Masks can also be hand washed with warm water, dish soap, rinse and hang to dry. Ensure your ear strap knots are secure before laundering.
  • A reminder to only handle your mask with clean hands.
  • Stay informed with the latest information via the CDC
Face Mask Filter Care: [PM 2.5 Filters]
  • Preheat your oven to 215 Fahrenheit / 100 Celsius
  • With clean hands place your filter in a brown bag
  • Re wash your hands
  • Fold over the top of your brown bag
  • Place bag in over for 50 mins
  • Please note over time your filter will deteriorate, the more that it is sterilize the more possibility it can be less effective. If you start to notice any wear on your filter it is best to replace it rather than sterilize it again.
  • Final step - hug yourself  ❤️


Leather Care:

Leather is a natural organic material that needs to be cared for over time to properly preserve its quality. For regular up keep we recommend a leather conditioner after cleaning. Spot test your conditioner in a less visible area of your bag and follow the instruction on the bottle, as the results may vary.  If you find your bag getting dry, try a mink oil to hydrate your leather and create a protective water resistant finish.

How do I get oil out of the leather?

 Blot the excess oil from the leather with a soft white cloth. Don't rub the cloth over the leather, instead, pat it into the stain to avoid spreading the oil. Use a clean part of the rag after each blot, and continue blotting until no more oil soaks onto the cloth.

 Cover the oily spot with talcum powder or cornstarch. Use a generous amount so it's heaped on top of the stain. Rub the powder in lightly with your fingers.

 Leave the powder on the fabric for at least four hours, and preferable overnight. Shake of the excess powder, and then brush off the remaining powder with a soft cloth.

 Repeat the above if necessary.

How do I get ink out of the leather?

There are two cleaning options below.  

Please spot test these options on a less noticeable area first to ensure that there is no leather damage or colour stripping, as inks and sprays can vary.

Use hairspray:

 Spray hairspray onto a soft clean white clean. Don't use a coloured cloth because it can transfer dye to light coloured leather. 

 Wipe the ink stain gently with a cloth, applying more hairspray as needed

 Wipe the area in a gentle circular motion

 Allow to air dry in a cool dry place


Use plain old rubbing alcohol:

 Begin by dampening a white cotton or cotton swab with the alcohol. 

 Work from the outside of the stain toward the middle by dabbing with the cloth. Keep the work area small - do not spread the ink into a bigger area. You should be able to see the ink transfer to the cloth.

 Dampen a clean area of the cloth or get a new swab as you see ink coming off the prevent re-staining the garment. Gently, keep blotting away until the ink is gone. Do not scrub harshly as that can remove colour and a layer of the leather. 

 Allow the garment to air dry after or between treatments. Once the ink is removed, treat the garment with leather condition to help it remain supple and smooth

Please note these above cleaning options are suggestions. Please clean at your own risk. For stubborn leather stains do not attempt to clean them yourself and see a leather cleaning specialist.


Waxed Canvas Care:

Waxed Canvas is a natural water resistant organic material that needs general up keep to it's colour and natural properties. We recommend cleaning and re-waxing when required. 

How do you clean waxed canvas?

 Remove dried dirt and grit as soon as possible

 Sponge wipe with cold water only, avoid warm or hot water as it will melt the wax. If dirt is ground in, gently brush it off with a soft bristled brush (an old clean tooth brush will do just fine) and then rinse with cold water. For stubborn stains, try brushing it lightly with a small amount of mild soap (like dish soap) and then rinse with cold water.

 Hang to dry naturally away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area. Make sure it is completely dry before use.

 Over time you may need to re-wax your bag to maintain the waxed canvas' water-resistant properties. We recommend using an Otter Wax brick. On a clean bag evenly rub the wax brick on the waxed canvas areas, making sure you avoid the leather. The rubbing action creates friction, heating up and releasing the wax. To even out the wax use a hair dry on low heat constantly moving over the canvas in a circular motion, increasing the temperature incrementally if necessary.  Repeat this re-waxing process again if necessary. 

 Do NOT: dry clean, machine wash, tumble dry (no dryer), iron or starch, use solvents or bleach, force dry or expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as a car window)

How do I clean my bag lining?

All AW bag linings are attached only at the opening, so they can be pulled out and hand washed with soap and warm water.  Be careful to avoid getting the waxed canvas and leather wet. Hang flat to dry with wet lining pulled out.